The gradual recovery of the engine business had a positive impact on Aeroengines' workload and sales figures. In this scenario, the Division has regained its status as an employment generator and has made the necessary investments to support the arrival of new projects and the growth of existing contracts.

The Division recorded major milestones in 2022, such as the rate proving approval (recognition of the ability to deliver at serial rate) of the low-pressure turbine casing for the Pearl 700 engine, the development of compressor casings for business bet engines as the Pearl 700 and Pearl 15, and the development release of the local plasma and anodizing chain for the compressor rings for Pratt&Whitney engines. In addition, the team increased the production and deliveries of the LEAP engine turbine gearbox structure by 50%, reaching 811 units delivered and supporting the customer with 100% of this component for the LEAP 1A program.

"The Aeroengines business area has made the appropriate investments to support the upcoming new projects and the previous contract growth."

Within the Quality area, Ircio's facility has completed the implementation of SPC (Statistical Process Control) in real time, speeding up the acquisition of probe data for trend analysis, and has certified the painting process for Rolls Royce. Likewise, the PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) elements of the turbine, combustor and compressor casings of the Pearl 700 and Pearl 15 engines were delivered to the customer as part of the development plan for these components, and the AS13100 requirements for aero engine design and production organizations were implemented at both the Ircio and Orón facilities.

"The team has scaled up production of the LEAP Hub to support the customer with 100% of this component on the LEAP 1A."

The return to normality in the most important and global commercial meetings of the sector, such as Farnborough in the United Kingdom or ILA in Berlin, contributed to further strengthen the relationship with the company's reference customers. In this sense, Safran Aircraft Engines has entrusted Aciturri with the production of 100% of the turbine transmission structures (Hub) of the LEAP 1A engine, the development of two new carbon fiber panels, and has renewed its confidence in the company as ducts supplier for the FAN module of the same engine, extending the contract until 2028.

Meanwhile, Rolls-Royce increased from 70% to 100% the contract for the supply of the titanium structure of the Pearl 700 rear end during 2023, and renewed with ITP AERO the contracts for components in the small machining category and the contracts for supplying components for the EJ200 and LM2500.

Safran Oil Systems also extended until 2025 the contracts for the supply of components for the LEAP 1A, LEAP 1B and GTF engine oil tanks.

"The return to normality in the commercial meetings contributed to further strengthen the relationship with the company's reference customers."






High-Precision Machining Components


2022 Turnover

€31,128 k

In 2022, Aciturri delivered 85,895 engine components.

563 casings & rings
918 engine structures
1.037 hubs or small structures
83.377 medium complex machining components

Main clients

The most relevant programs

LEAP 1B / 1A / 1C
Pearl 700 y Pearl 15
TRENT 1000/7000