In terms of the market, Aciturri's main clients continue to expect a gradual recovery in sales over the next few years. Long-range traffic continues to be affected by the pandemic, which is hampering the improvement in production rates for double-aisle aircraft. The short- and medium-range markets continue to recover slowly, a situation that decelerates the growth in production rates for programs such as the A320 and B737 and postpones the objective of returning to pre-pandemic delivery levels until 2024.

"The company has signed an agreement with Deutsche Aircraft for the development and manufacturing of two packages as part of its D328 renewal program."

During 2022, Aciturri consolidated its commitment to the development of sustainable transport solutions. The company has signed an agreement with Deutsche Aircraft for the development and manufacture of two packages as part of its D328 renewal program. Within this framework, Aciturri will manufacture the entire fairing of the aircraft, as well as the movable surface structures, including detailed parts and assembly. During the next two years, the first components will be manufactured for the flight test units, taking part in the certification processes.

Aciturri has also strengthened its participation in the Lilium Jet program by the agreement to transform its contract to Design & Build. With this new scope, the company will be responsible for the product definition and the manufacturing of the aircraft's fuselage, doors and fairings. Lilium has relied on Aciturri's engineering team to consolidate the design and achieve the objectives required by the project. During the last quarter of the year, all the necessary activities were carried out to reach the PDR (Preliminary Design Review) maturity level at the beginning of next year, with the aim of achieving full industrialization of the first aircraft in 2023. Aciturri's engineering activities will be expanded over the next two years to support design optimization and certification.

On the commercial side, the company is continuing to work with new customers to become a supplier for projects with significantly lower emissions and noise, based on electric or hydrogen propulsion solutions.

"Lilium has relied on Aciturri's engineering team to consolidate the design and achieve the objectives required by the project."

In the main OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) programs, the company continued to work in 2022 to meet the commitments made to its clients in a scenario that, far from recovering from the effects of the pandemic, was affected by the cost increase resulting from the invasion of Ukraine.

In 2022, Aciturri continued its efforts to reorganize its industrial footprint, initiating the necessary actions to prepare the company for the confirmed rate increases in single and twine-aisle aircraft.

With the aim of satisfying the entire value chain of the products delivered, from the supply chain through the company itself to the end customer, Aciturri has continued in 2022 the implementation of the Quality First project, which is essential to ensure the quality of its products and to align the quality levels required by the end customer. Likewise, the Programs team has provided the necessary support to ensure that both series and new products are designed, manufactured and delivered in compliance with quality standards and to prepare the company to adapt to the requirements demanded.

In the Airbus programs, deliveries of the A320 Family (single-aisle aircraft) were completed, the ramp-up required by the manufacturer began, significant steps were taken to improve production management and industrial solutions were implemented to increase capacity and strengthen processes. The industrialization phase of a new assembly line for the HTP (Horizontal Tail Plane) has been completed, which will allow more robust processes and adapt a legacy program to the current state of the art in order to ensure future rate increases.

"Aciturri signed two major contracts with Airbus Defence&Space (ADS) for the Falcon 10X."

In the other Airbus programs, demand was confirmed and Aciturri successfully met the customer's requirements, working on several A350 product modifications to improve the aircraft's competitiveness, as well as on the activities for the new A350 Freighter. Regarding the Beluga XL, where Aciturri is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the Ventral Fin and Auxiliary Fin & HTP Box Extension packages, the delivery of the sixth aircraft has been completed and the spare parts requirements have been defined. On the A400M, the transfer of the Wing to Body Fairing program to Aciturri was successfully completed.

In the Boeing B787 programs, Aciturri is completing the industrialization phase of a new program, which will allow it to retain Boeing as a customer and to obtain process certifications.

Regarding the Embraer KC390, the team continues to work actively with the customer to develop the necessary changes required by the product to improve its performance and meet delivery commitments.

Aciturri signed two major contracts with Airbus Defence&Space (ADS) for the Falcon 10X, Dassault's new business jet, covering the design and manufacturing of the rudder and elevator as well as the assembly of the HTP and VTP spars. Development and industrialization activities successfully progressed in 2022 to be ready for delivery in 2023. For the C295, the company has been involved with ADS in setting up the documentation and industrial plans that ADS has defined with India.

For the rest of the programs, Aciturri has successfully covered the deliveries and continues to work with the customers in pursuit of improvements.








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In 2022 Aciturri supplied airframe components to 970 aircraft:

786 single-aisle aircrafts
107 twin-aisle aircrafts
13 business jets
29 helicopters
34 military aircrafts
1 cargo aircraft

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