Aciturri has a steady and continuous dialogue model with stakeholders, which allows us to maintain a relationship based on trust with all those people, organizations or institutions that affect or are affected by the organization's decisions.

According to this dialogue model, stakeholders are identified based on proximity, influence, responsibility and dependence criteria. They are then prioritized according to the factors of urgency, power and legitimacy.

The purpose of stakeholder dialogue is to obtain information for the construction of a reliable and realistic perception of the environment in which the company operates. This ensures that stakeholder participation is profitable in terms of business development and for the identification of opportunities and threats.

"The goal of the dialogue with stakeholders is to gather information for the development of a reliable and realistic perception of the company's environment in which it operates."



Value creation in the short and long term.

Implementation of best management practices.

Timely information and equal conditions.

Open, real, and close dialogue.

Managing Director.

Aciturri’s Legal Consulting team.

Interlocutors: Managing Director and Corporate Officer, according to the relationships with partners protocol.


Continuity of the business project and employment

Recognition based on our commitment, performance and achievement of objectives.

Equal opportunity and work-life balance.

Continuing professional development (CPD).

Guarantee of occupational health and safety.

Ethical, responsible, social, and environmental behavior on the part of the company.

Receptiveness to freedom of association and direct
dialogue with the management.

Compliance with the laws and the collective agreement.

E-mail address for general inquiries and complaints about the Code of Conduct.

NEXO, Employee Portal.

JAM (internal social network).


Handbook and protocol for new recruits and employees.

Bulletin boards.

Meetings with trade union representatives.

Communication procedure and e-mail address for the Joint Prevention Service.

Employee’s day.

Christmas party.

Management forum.

Annual Convention.

Interlocutors: HR Officer for each plant, Head of Communications and CSR, and middle management.


Strict compliance of the agreed requirements.

A comprehensive, cost-effective, differentiated and customer-driven service.

Implementation of quality processes that meet our clients’ needs.

Clear and accurate information on the commercial offer.

Security guarantee of our products.

Respect for the principles of responsible advertising.

Customer service, open dialogue and an efficient management of problems and complaints.

Corporate website.

Sustainability report.

Program Directors.

Customer satisfaction questionnaires.

Reports of customer complaints.

Regular meetings.

Annual meetings between clients and major suppliers.

Participation in trade fairs and business meetings.

Involvement in industry associations.

Interlocutors: Focal Point Program, Program Plant Manager, Chief Operations Officer, Quality Assurance Officer, Key Account Managers, Sales Officers, and Managing Director.


Responsible behavior.

Promotion of business sustainability.

Transparency and equal opportunity.


Recruitment of local suppliers.

Dialogue and communication.


Meetings with the SPACE association.

Visits to the facilities.

Corporate website.

Sustainability report.

Regular meetings.

Regular electronic communications.

Interlocutors: Supply Chain Management, Provisioning teams, and Supply chain Management.

Social setting 12

Timely and transparent information of the activities carried out and their environmental and social impact on the setting.

Security of the facilities.

Sustainability of the business plan.

Ethical business practices.

Compliance with the law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Participation in training programs and projects that generate knowledge and innovation.

Promotion of employment and job opportunities.

Visits to the facilities.

Corporate website.

Sustainability report.

Press releases distributed to the media.

Collaboration agreements with educational institutions.

Involvement in the governing of educational institutions.

Interlocutors: HR Officer for each plant, Head of Communications and CSR, and Head of Environmental Management.

Industry 13

Promotion of fair competition and respect forour competitors’ property rights.

Fostering cooperation and partnerships, and sharing experiences between companies within the sector and other business organizations.

Taking part in industry associations such as PAE (Spanish Aerospace Platform), TEDAE, Andalucía Aerospace or HEGAN.

Taking part in business organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, FAE or Empresa Familiar.

Participation in meetings with competitors.

Interlocutors: Sales Officers, Innovation Manager, Head of Communications and CSR.

12. This includes local governments, NGOs and foundations, educational institutions, the media, the environment, and society in general.
13. This category includes competitors, industry associations and other business associations.