In order to ensure the business sustainability in economic, environmental and social terms, Aciturri's management applies ethical and sustainable management criteria in decision making.

Board of directors 3

  • Govera Inversiones, S.L.U., representada por D. Ginés Clemente Ortiz.

  • D. Rafael Barbero Martín.
    D. Amadeo Torrens Roig.
    D. Andrés Carretón Bueno.
    D. Jesús de la Viuda Martínez.
    D. Sebastián Arias Tobalina.
    D. Roberto Rey Perales.
    D. Felipe Galán García.

  • D. Ion Penas Rodríguez.

  • Dª. Yolanda Gómez Martínez.

3. The only member of the Board of Directors with executive authority is the Chairman, who, in addition to being Chairman, is also Chief Executive Officer. That is, the Board has delegated to him all the faculties of the Board of Directors, except those that cannot be delegated by law. The independence of the Board Members is established in the regulations of the Board of Directors itself. With regard to other significant positions or commitments, the directors declare that they do not carry out activities on their own behalf or on behalf of others which involve effective competition, whether actual or potential, with the company or which, in any other way, place them in permanent conflict with the interests of the company. However, some directors exempt from this declaration activities with participated companies such as Alestis and Caetano, where some administrators also hold the position of director or in respect of which the beneficiary of the acts is a person related to the administrator. The average period of membership in the Board of Directors is 2 years. There are no committees on the Board of Directors.

Management Team 4

4. The management team is made up of level 1 employees—people in leadership positions in each of the company’s departments who report directly to the chief management. The persons included in this organization chart are the appointees at the moment this report was published.