Aciturri establishes, among its values and in its Code of Conduct, respect, understood as the development of interpersonal relationships based on equality and recognition of personal and professional dignity, regardless of status, function, gender and/or cultural background.

The company has a diverse workforce in terms of age (9% under 30, 69% between 30 and 50, 22% over 50) and origin (14 different nationalities).

Aciturri's Management Team23 is composed of 9 people, 6 men and women (5 men and 2 women between 30 and 50 years old, one man and one woman over 50). The General Manager is a man, over 50 years of age, belonging to the local community24.

At year-end, 25 people with disabilities (4 women and 21 men; 5 more than in 2021) are part of Aciturri's workforce, which represents 1.95% of the workforce.

In order to comply with the minimum legal requirement (2%), alternative measures are developed for an amount of 682,044.81 € (work enclave in Tres Cantos, with 11 employees on the payroll; work enclave in Boecillo with 5 employees on the payroll; and acquisition of PPE from the Special Employment Center).

In relation to the accessibility of the facilities, the company carried out an audit, in collaboration with Ilunión, to identify possible recommendations.

"Equality Plans for Aciturri Aerostructures, Aciturri Engineering, Aciturri Aeroengines and Aciturri Aeronautics have been negotiated and signed with the agreement of the employees' legal representatives."

23. The data provided correspond to the operational Management Team during the reporting period (2022), which may not coincide with that shown in the organization chart in the "Representative Bodies" section (organization chart in force at the date of publication of the document, June 2023).
24. Only the Chief Executive Officer is considered to be a senior executive. The local community is understood to be Spain, where the company's significant operations are located.