JAM, the corporate social network, continues to be the main internal communication channel. Each member of the team has a user to access via mobile application or web platform, freely publish content associated with work activities, view images, videos or documents published by other users, and comment on them if they wish to do so. In 2022, 1037 publications have been registered, a volume of activity similar to that registered in 2021.

In 2022, 1037 publications were registered, a volume of activity similar to that in 2021.

Regarding presential events, the objective of ensuring the sustainability of the business project requires maintaining strict cost control, which has made it necessary to postpone once again the recovery of established initiatives in the company, such as Family Day, a day where all company employees and their families are invited, and which Aciturri had been holding every two years since 2008 until the outbreak of the pandemic.

However, it has been possible to recover other more affordable ones, such as the annual year-end meetings, to which the company calls the entire workforce at each facility every December, in order to advance the results forecast for the year ending and to present the proposed objectives for the following year. In this chapter, celebrations were held in all the locations with plants (Madrid, Valladolid, Miranda de Ebro and Seville) and all of them were attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer and a significant representation of the Executive Committee.

Every December, the company meets with the entire workforce at each work center in order to advance the results forecast for the year ending and to present the proposed objectives for the following year.

Likewise, other communication channels have been maintained, such as the company's activity assessment that the CEO shares quarterly with the entire team via JAM, or the monthly communication space in the panel meetings of each facility in which the production teams participate.

Also internally, the Internal Knowledge Sharing Sessions program was consolidated in 2022, the purpose of which is to internally disseminate the experience and knowledge of the different areas of activity of the organization. With an approximate frequency of two sessions/month, 2 or 3 people who collaborate in the same project or area share their knowledge and experience on specific issues (cybersecurity, management of design changes, business diversification, new technological developments...) for approximately 35 minutes, with a final space dedicated to answering any questions that the attendees may have. Attendance is free for the entire workforce and the presentations used are subsequently shared on Aciturri's training platform. A total of 16 sessions were held in 2022, with 32 Aciturri professionals participating as speakers and an average attendance of 86 people.