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Professionalism is one of Aciturri's trademarks. The company aims for the entire workforce to develop its activity based on capacity and application, as an essential requirement for achieving excellence.

Individual performance must be, at all times, the sole decision-making factor. To achieve this, the company has an assessment system to evaluate the capabilities of each person, which guarantees equal opportunities in access to employment and professional promotion for all, regardless of gender, age, origin or any other factor of diversity.

SEDA (Aciturri's Performance Evaluation System) makes it possible to evaluate the annual contribution of each member of the team to the company's success.

"The banking hours allow the possibility of teleworking two days a week or four evenings."

The evaluation is based on the level of goal achievement previously set and the responsibilities entrusted, in accordance with the person's role and competencies (social and team; task and business; and individual) and the proven knowledge in the performance of the role.

It is developed in three phases: agreement, intermediate evaluation and final evaluation, with the participation of the person and his or her direct supervisor, and the People team's collaboration in all of them.

Success Factors is the development module that allows the automation of the performance evaluation process and a better analysis of the information generated by it and of the competency matrixes (Skill Matrix).

In 2022, 98.21% of the company's employees were evaluated (97.04% of men and 103.3% of women 20).

20. The percentage higher than 100% is due to the fact that the calculation is based on the average annual workforce and the number of people trained, regardless of whether they take a leave during the year.

Once again this year, the company has developed its Annual Training Plan, taking as a starting point the information extracted from the performance evaluation process, as well as context information, new investments or facilities, regulatory changes, future projects, etc.

In 2022, in addition to the usual technical training, a series of innovative training actions have been developed. In addition to the usual training in English, in which 267 people participated (almost twice as many as in 2021, 140 people), training was provided in other languages, specifically French and German.

Training in Excel® has also been provided, at different levels, in the Virtual Classroom, up to 590 hours, as well as training in cybersecurity, training given to computer and e-mail users.

In addition, a Leaders' Style Manual has been developed during 2022. This manual sets out the behavior that Aciturri's leaders (those with teams under their charge) must have, before professional and/or personal situations that their collaborators may experience.

During 2022, a total of 21,905 hours of training were given, with 248 women (104% 21) and 915 men (88%) having been trained.

21. The percentage of 104% trained women is due to the fact that the percentage is calculated based on the average annual workforce and the number of people trained, regardless of whether they take a leave during the year.

During 2022, were taught a total of

21,905 training hours

having trained at

248 Women


915 Men


“Aciturri’s Performance Evaluation System measures the individual anual contribution towards the company’s success.”

“A total of 21,905 training hours were taught.”

Regarding Escuch&do, in 2022 the actions included in the 2021-2022 Action Plan, generated from the results of the listening process launched in 2021, have been developed.  These include the aforementioned Leaders' Style Manual, as well as remote working and banking hours, launched on a pilot basis in June 2022, initially with the possibility of teleworking one day a week or two afternoons, and extended in October to two days a week or four afternoons.

In addition, during 2022, six Listening Forums were held with different groups in order to obtain feedback on the different initiatives implemented as a result of Escuh&do 2021 and to gather new ideas or proposals.

Likewise, in 2022 the learning communities have remained active. Specifically, three were held, with the participation of 38 people: facilitators (workshop intermediate managers) and managers from Boecillo, facilitators and managers from Seville and the Design community. Each of them with different objectives and focus but without losing the essence of giving keys for self-development and accompanying the development of other people.

As for the use of PI® (Predictive Index), it has already been extended to all Aciturri facilitators. Thanks to this evaluation system, which offers a quick and precise understanding of the motivational needs that guide people's behavior, it has been possible to make decisions on changes and promotions within the organization.