Work-life balance

Since 2014, Aciturri has been running the TRESDé program, which offers the staff a set of measures to balance personal and professional life, beyond those included in the collective bargaining agreement.

TRESDé includes 3 different programs:

Compensation Flexibility

100% of the workforce has the possibility to receive part of their remuneration in kind. The products offered are: childcare vouchers, restaurant vouchers, transportation card, health insurance and training.

Space Flexibility

Since 2022, the company has a Banking and Teleworking Policy. Banking is a concept that combines the daily and monthly working day in such a way that the effective working time is regulated in its entirety at the end of each calendar month, with each employee being able to distribute his or her daily working time irregularly over the course of each month, within the limits set by the mandatory working hours, which are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm from Monday to Thursday (with a 30 to 60 minute lunch break) and from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm on Fridays and in August. Self-regulation thus allows each employee, on the basis of the established flexible working hours rules, to compensate the excesses and defects of the daily working day in the current calendar month so that, at the end of each month, the working day is the one that corresponds to the legal working day.

With respect to teleworking, two modalities are established: teleworking 2 full days a week or teleworking every afternoon of the week.

Temporary flexibility

A series of unpaid leaves are established to attend special circumstances. Among them, leave for care of a family member (parents, spouse, children and/or siblings) with serious illness up to 60 working days per year with a minimum of 5 working days, leave for preparation and attendance to official studies exams up to 5 working days per year, extension of maternity/paternity leave up to 10 working days per child and leave for international adoption, up to 30 working days.

Direct labor personnel work a split shift, one shift (morning), two shifts (morning and afternoon) or three shifts (morning, afternoon and night), from Monday to Friday, or a fifth shift (Monday to Sunday in cycles of six working days and four off days). In any case, they have the possibility of requesting assignment to a fixed work shift, or modification of their shift to meet special personal needs. The offices work a split shift, with the possibility of working continuous shifts on Fridays and during the month of August.

There is also life and accident insurance, in accordance with the provisions of the different collective bargaining agreements in force.

These benefits are common to all employees, regardless of whether they work full or part-time. The Aciturri Management Committee also benefits from a company car and life insurance.

Aciturri has a Digital Disconnection Guideline, agreed with workers' representa, in the context of the 2020 ERTE negotiations. No audits have been carried out to evaluate compliance with the measure, as it is understood that all those with people in their charge have precise instructions on its application. There have been no complaints regarding compliance.

In 2022, 55 people have enjoyed parental leave (100% of those entitled to it, 9 more than in 2021): 45 men and 10 women. Of these, 48 have been reinstated after the end of their leave, while one person terminated his temporary contract during the leave. The rest (6 people) are still on leave as of December 31, 2022. However, 4 of them (all men) will not continue with the company 12 months later, either due to termination of contract (2), voluntary leave of absence (1) or voluntary resignation (1).

Of the 7 leaves started in 2020 pending analysis, 100% joined their position in 2021 and remain in the company 12 months after the end of the leave.

Regarding the 45 parental leaves started in 2021 pending analysis, 31 remained in the company 12 months after the end of the leave, and 5 did not (4 - three men and one woman - due to leave of absence and one woman due to voluntary leave). Nine people are still pending analysis because the 12 months have not yet elapsed since the end of the leave.

All in all, the return rate after parental leave in 2022 is 97.95%.

The return rate after parental leave in 2022 is 97.95%.