Use of resources
& materials

As part of its Environmental Management System, Alestis closely monitors the consumption of key raw and auxiliary materials in order to use them efficiently.

Raw materials

Spain 70

70. Titanium and aluminum consumption is extracted from the Demand Conbid tool, including both Alestis' own and its supply chain. Prepeg data is obtained from SAP and is specific to Alestis.

Raw materials


Despite the efforts made by the company to minimize the use of hazardous substances, it must be taken into account that there are still no certified alternatives to the use of Cr-VI substances for chemical conversion processes, so the facility in Vitoria-Gasteiz maintains the 4.2 m3 bath, having consumed 767 g of Cr(VI) in 2022.

However, the process of reducing the use of solvents continues there, having implemented the use of water-based paints for the A330/A340 TIPs series program, with the customer's approval. For the new programs, such as the A220 HTP, this type of paint will be included from the beginning. As a result, solvent consumption based on total production hours (kg/h-productive) was reduced by 14% compared to 2021, exceeding the 5% target set under the Environmental Management System.

In 2022, Alestis do Brasil worked on the optimization of raw materials by modifying nesting cutting, double layer cutting, CACL layer cutting with CCL losses.