Local development
& cultural activities

Local development

Alestis' commitment to society is expressed in the development and promotion of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of people in the communities where it operates, through the development of certain social actions.

During 2022, Alestis Aerospace will participate in the inauguration of the Art Therapy Classroom "La Caja" in the Down Syndrome Association of Cadiz and Bahia "Lejeune", built thanks to the collaboration of the company through the economic donation of the Common Space 2021 competition.

Another way in which Alestis promotes local development is through the purchase of local products. Thus, apart from international purchases of raw materials, which are made on the basis of technical criteria, the company values the contracting of suppliers and service providers within the community, thus maintaining the local economy in development.

In Brazil, in compliance with Brazilian labor laws, Alestis do Brasil works with a local foundation (FUNDHAS), the largest social project in Sao José dos Campos, which selects and hires low-income students from a public school in the city to develop training and job placement projects for them. These students have an hourly workload within Alestis do Brasil, getting to know and learning a new profession.

In any case, Alestis maintains constant contact with neighboring companies to mitigate any negative impact of the activity.

Alestis establishes collaborative agreements with knowledge institutions and participates in projects and training programs that generate knowledge and innovation.

Local promotion

Alestis establishes collaborative agreements with knowledge institutions and participates in projects and training programs that generate knowledge and innovation.

In 2022, the company continues to strengthen its relationship with institutions in the sector and seeks to promote the University-Business relationship.

Specifically, the collaboration with the Master in Nanoscience and Technologies, organized by the University of Cadiz and specialized in materials and their use in advanced manufacturing technologies for the aerospace sector, is maintained. Alestis participates in specific modules of the training and as a possible company for the students of the Master to carry out their internships. This collaboration has led to the visit of the students of the master's degree in December to our facilities in Alestis Puerto Real.

Alestis also participates in the XI Lean Congress at the Cadiz Faculty of Engineering, through the presentation of Rafael Navarro as Head of the Production Engineering and Improvement area.

Alestis and the Seville Faculty of Engineering are also organizing a visit by students from the university to the facilities, with the aim of generating direct contact between the company and the students. This action is an opportunity for them to learn first-hand about the different activities that take place at the facilities, as well as key aspects of the work that Alestis Aerospace carries out in the R&T area. The visit to the plant is guided by the Industrial Director, the Engineering Director, the Director of Alestis Seville and the Head of Composite Technology Development.

In collaboration with the SPACE Spain Association, the Supply Chain area provides training on Supply Chain Management at the Alestis Seville facilities. This training is part of the SPACE Spain training program, which is committed to a training service for all associate members through a series of training courses distributed throughout the year.

Alestis Seville's Engineering area provides specialized technical training in the repair of composite materials, structures for the A330 MRTT or the A400M for different groups, such as the French Air Force, the European Multinational Unit of the MRTT or the MRO Unit of Airbus Defense & Space in Munich.