Alestis Aerospace operates under a management system certified in accordance with ISO 9001, EN9100, EN9110, POA Part 21G and OAM Part 145 standards, as well as certified processes:

NADCAP Chemical Process

Alestis do Brasil, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Sevilla, Puerto Real y Tecnobahía.

NADCAP Composites

Alestis do Brasil, Sevilla y Tecnobahía.

NADCAP Non Destructive Tests

Alestis do Brasil, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Sevilla y Tecnobahía.

NADCAP Heat Treatment


NADCAP Welding


NADCAP Measurement & Inspection

Vitoria-Gasteiz y Sevilla.

NADCAP Aero Structure Assembly ASA

Vitoria-Gasteiz, Sevilla, Puerto Real y Tecnobahía.

There are also more than 550 certifications for each customer's special processes.

In 2022, Alestis continues to be the company with the most NADCAP ASA certified facilities worldwide, having completed this year's assessments with 9 merits of 24 months and 7 merits of 18 months, out of a total of 20 processes. Only the 4 new NADCAP ASAs were excluded from this recognition, as they have not accumulated the required number of years of audits to be included in the merits54 due to their recent creation. During 2022, a total of 18 audits were conducted and the total number of merits increased by 25% from 12 to 16.

It is worth mentioning the increase in the certification activity of new special processes carried out as a result of the start-up of the first manufacturing processes with new customers such as Airbus Canada, Dassault or Calidus, with a total of 60 new certified processes and 47 in progress.

In 2022, the company has advanced in the process of diversification of activity, within the aeronautical maintenance area, with the approval of Maintenance Organization 145, granted by the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency, and the certification EN9110 "Quality Management Systems", requirements for maintenance organizations in the aeronautical industry. With this new certification, Alestis is able to support its customers in the MRO sector and to apply for new contracts in this industry.

As part of this diversification effort in the aeronautical maintenance sector, the PERAM145 certification process, the military equivalent of the civilian Part 145, has been initiated with the General Directorate of Armaments and Materials in 2022, having already passed the first audit to obtain this certification.

Alestis is committed to aviation safety and continues to work in this direction in accordance with the concepts set out in the Quality and Operational Safety Policy, revised at the beginning of 2022 and signed by the CEO of Alestis.

As a pioneer in the implementation of the Safety Management System (SMS) in the field of Part 21G approved organizations, Alestis has started to adapt its SMS by also integrating Part 145, thus unifying the requirements of both organizations within the same system. Additionally, specific safety training has been conducted in the design area, resulting in modifications to current designs to avoid potential risks.

Quality is part of the company's DNA due to the strict safety and reliability requirements of aeronautical components. The management of nonconformities is therefore an essential part of the management system because of their impact on customer processes or even on the safety of the components themselves.

54. Recognition granted by NADCAP ASA on the basis of good results accumulated in periodic audits, making it possible to reduce the frequency from the 12-month period to 18 or 24 months, depending on the evaluations.

There are also more than 550 certifications for each customer's special processes.

The non-conformity procedure has two tracks:

Customer non-conformities,

that cause problems in the assembly lines or during the aircraft's operation. In these cases, the action procedures establish the analysis of the root cause of the problem, the immediate correction of the problem, and the definition of mitigating actions to ensure that the products shipped from the time the incident is reported are in compliance. At the same time, prevention plans are established using 8D or PPS tools to ensure that the problem does not reoccur in that component or similar elements in the future.

Tracking and progressing the status of nonconformities until they are closed is part of the normal follow-up established with customers within contractually agreed timelines.

Although the results for 2022 were slightly higher than those for 2021, they improved by 1.3% in relative terms.

In 2022, 100% of the nonconformities reported in the external customer audits were closed, more than 80% of them within the deadline agreed with the customer.

Internal non-conformities

They occur during the production process and, depending on the type of contract, may or may not require a detailed analysis and description of the repair by the customer or by the company, depending on the approved and recognized delegation of responsibility agreements. The relative results for 2022 reflect a 4% improvement over the previous year, maintaining the downward trend of previous years.

Alestis cuenta con indicadores para medir la eficacia de estos procesos, mediante el control y seguimiento del número de no conformidades. Estos indicadores forman parte del cuadro de mando industrial de cada centro productivo y cuentan con objetivos de mejora año a año.  

Los equipos de cada centro trabajan para mejorar estos indicadores, analizando los problemas y empleando herramientas de gestión que facilitan el análisis de éstos, compartiendo experiencias y alertando de posibles futuros problemas, para evitar su recurrencia.

Alestis Aerospace no tiene contacto directo con el cliente final, es decir, ni con las aerolíneas ni tampoco con el pasajero. En caso de producirse cualquier incidencia, la aerolínea contacta con el fabricante, que es el cliente de Alestis.

Alestis prioritizes its commitment to aviation safety and continues to work along these lines in accordance with the concepts set out in the Quality and Operational Safety Policy.