Organization and structure:
Management team

Alestis bases its activity on a responsible business model, able to generate confidence in customers, investors, employees, partners and society as a whole. In the 2022-2026 horizon, the company has Strategic Objectives, from which annual objectives are defined as priorities for the current year. The level of fulfillment of these objectives is reviewed periodically by the Management Team, and each member is responsible for the fulfillment of the objectives in their areas of activity, with special emphasis on the management of the different manufacturing plants, all under the control and monitoring of the General Management.

Strategic objectives 2022 - 2026:

Growth of the company's business volume.

200 million, preferably in full-cycle aerostructures and diversification of customers and activities.

Consolidate a sustainable EBITDA.

About 15% of sales.

Net investments in R&D&I activities.

For a total amount of 18 million euros between 2022 and 2026.

Pillars 2022:

The pillars on which the annual objectives for the current year are defined are as follows:

  • Turnover and Profitability

    Identify additional improvements to the OP that generate additional economic profitability.

  • Future Growth

    Consolidate industrial transformation and to evolve in terms of innovation, automation and process digitalization.

  • People

    To enhance the people's relationship with and commitment to the organization.

The composition of the Management Team is as follows:

La composición del Comité de Dirección es la siguiente: