VIII "Draw your Christmas" contest

Since 2015, Alestis Aerospace organizes this yearly contest in order to contribute to a social cause, as well as to strengthen the relationship between employees and the company. Every year, the company donates a sum of money that varies depending on the number of Christmas cards received, which were created by family members of employees aged between 3 and 14 years old (category 3-6 years old, category 7-10 years old and category 11-14 years old). Only three of these greetings cards (one per category), chosen by the Selection Committee, become part of the annual Alestis corporate greeting card.



As a new initiative, in 2022, the "Social Commitment" initiative was launched, through which employees propose different non-profit institutions to establish collaboration agreements with. The organisation selected for the "Draw Your Christmas" initiative is the Seville Autism Association, to which €630 was donated (€10 for each greeting received).

To acknowledge the participation, all children and their families were invited to the respective facilities in order to give them the opportunity to visit the facilities on a guided tour and to celebrate the prize-giving ceremony: tickets to attend a theatre performance with their family for the winners of each category and gifts for all participants.